About After The Hunt Taxidermy
I have a lifelong love of the outdoors and am an avid fisherman and hunter.  As a kid, taxidermy had always interested me. I had always wondered how taxidermy was done and how neat it would  be to be able to do it. It wasn't
until I was older that I pursued my interest.   

I started  taxidermy some 15 years ago, mounting  road kill or specimens I had harvested myself.  Soon, friends and family were asking me to do work for them and the business came next. 

I have been doing taxidermy as a business for over ten years and competing at state, international and world levels for 7 years. I continue to learn and keep up on the latest techniques to give my clients the best. My philosophy of business is, if I won't hang it on my wall I don't expect you to

hang it on yours. I use the highest quality materials to give my customers a top quality mount. 
I pride myself on my commitment to quality and the customer's satisfaction.

Cell Phone 847-833-9342

e-Mail me at afterthehunt@sbcglobal.net